Merci, Grazie, Danke, Efharisto, Domo Arrigato, Xie Xie, Takk, Dziekuje, Spasiba, Gracias, Cheers, Khop Khun Mak, Diolch, Toda, Mahalo, Thank You!

I can say it many ways but never enough times.

To the Players of Major League Soccer
Thanks for your grace, talent, expertise, determination, grit and nobility in sport. Individually and collectively you always engage us, the fans. At times you elevate the game to a higher level and amaze us with your skill and athleticism. The fact, that most of you still play for love of the game and have not let your athletic accomplishments fuel your ego to the point it makes you beyond reproach is that something extra you all give back to us your fans as an ongoing gift. This gift is what we, the fans, treasure, as this intimate connection with you, the player, is what history will use to measure your legacy as the league's early greats decades from now.

To the Founders, Managers and Leaders of Major League Soccer
Thanks for being the pioneers and stewards of what I find to be one of the most entertaining and enticing sport leagues in the world. A league that has moved from wobbly, unsure first steps to stable, sound and great strides. A league that I believe, in the not to distant future, will be a formidable entity on par or above any other sporting league.

Applause and kudos to some key people who have aided me with the archive collection and this site.

Mike Brown
Fellow Chicago Fire Fan

For helping me to obtain some key autographs. Whenever I show up early on match day in attempt to get a piece from the archives autographed I know one other die hard who will be there as well and his name is Mike. I can not wait until that Season Ten book is completely signed for you.

Alan McCrorie
Glasgow's Greatest Chicago Fire Fan

My brother across the big pond, the only thing that lacks at a Chicago Fire match is having you there in the seat next to me. Thanks for the gift of the awesome NY MetroStars jersey for the collection.

Shannon Passero
Wife, Life Partner and Best Friend

Thanks for understanding my obsession, I mean hobby, and for never ever down playing it with anything more than the occasional rolling of your beautiful eyes when I try to justify the purchase of another piece for the collection. Most wives would have long ago conked their husbands on the head with a very heavy instrument for spending time and money on something like this and you have never been anything but understanding and supportive.

Mike Steadman
Fellow MLS Collector and Diehard FC Dallas Fan

I've acquired some great things in collecting MLS memorabilia but none are as valuable as the friendship I obtained in you. Mike has the most complete collection of Dallas Burn and FC Dallas jerseys out there.

Doug Thompson
Fellow Chicago Fire Fan

Game day is something I look forward to so I can spend some time with you cheering on our beloved Chicago Fire. Thanks for your invaluable friendship and constant insight on the league as a sporting venture and business as a whole.

Kurt Wise
Former Chicago Fire Director of Corporate Sales

That game worn Chicago Fire Jerzy Podbrozny you gave me as a gift over a decade ago pretty much started this whole thing...given the cost of this venture I'm not sure I should be angry or thankful about that.

Site Credits
Design, programming, editing, research and photography expertise, advise and opinion were gratefully received from Jennifer Greenwood, Shannon Kemp, Alan McCrorie, Nanun "Jax" Nakasena, Andy Owens and Mike Steadman. Working with all of you each day at TribeAgency is a treat as your individual and collective talent is really something to behold.

Special Thanks to Tony and Tony Jr. Achilles, Philip Anschutz, Chris Armas, DaMarcus Beasley, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Carlos Bocanegra, Bob Bradley, Mike Brown, Mark Bojanowski, CJ Brown, Ben Burton, Cassie Burnside, Jon Busch, Andrew Bruch, Sue and Frank Caba, Paul Cadwell, Calen Carr, Mike Chorvat, Willman Conde, Jim Curtin, Sergi Daniv, John and Karen DeLeo, Nicolino Di Benedetto, Benjamin Dickey, Robert Diez, Chris Doran, Vincent Formanek, John and Kathy Gall, Kelly Gray, Jennifer Greenwood, Kathy and Harold Griffiths, Ivan Guerrero, Diego Gutierrez, Denis Hamlett, Andrew Hauptman, David Herman, Mike Jeffries, Kristin Johnson, Javier Leon, Adam Lowe, Joseph and Char Kaput, Stephen King, Pete Klem, Frank and Sophia Klopas, John Koluder, Lubos Kubik, Justin Mapp, Jesse Marsch, Brian McBride, Alan McCrorie, Carly Melton, Susan Meyer, Liam Murtaugh, Matthew Meister, Deb and Paul Moran, Nanun "Jax" Nakasena, Peter Nowak, Patrick Nyarko, Donald Ortale, Andy Owens, Marco Pappa, Matt Pickens, Brandon Prideaux, Dan and Sandy Primm, Shannon, Sophia and Nico Passero, Steve Pastorino, Logan Pause, Carrie Pendergast, Damani Ralph, Henry Ring, Dasan Robinson, Eddie Rock, Chris Rolfe, Dave Sarachan, Uwe and Owen Schoberth, Gonzalo Segares, Tom Soehn, Bakary Soumare, Mike Steadman, Lee, Kenny and Ron Stern, Hristo Stoitchkov, Sally Tansill, Doug and Paula Thompson, Kenn Tomasch, Alisha Tremaine, Zach Thornton, John Thorrington, Nicole Vitaioli, Billy Walsh, Tim Ward, Amy Weber, Nelvin Wilson, Peter Wilt, Kurt Wise, Josh Wolff, Eric Wynalda, Jessica Yavitz, Greg Zaskowski.

A special shout out to all of Section 8 and my fellow Chicago Fire Fans great and grand...Fire wins are all that much better when you are there to share them with while losses are a bit easier to take when you are there to commiserate with, just as much as any player whoever wore the Chicago Fire jersey, you are part of the team.