About the Archives

This site is simply a labor of love, and while it is unofficial and not endorsed, it's sole purpose is to be an open celebration of Major League Soccer with other fans of the league and the World's game at large.

Major League Soccer, founded in 1996, is the top-flight professional soccer league in the United States and Canada currently comprised of 19 teams (6 in the U.S. and 3 in Canada) and now is the midst of its 18th season.

The well managed growth of the league by the front office, coupled with the viable economics of profitability by construction of soccer-specific stadiums for teams, has enticed new investors to join the fray in moving the league's reach even further. This growth has lead to the league announcing New York City FC as its 20th team, and Orlando City Soccer Club as its 21st team, both to begin playing in 2015, followed by Atlanta joining the league under expansion in 2017

As a result MLS continues to move forward providing fans with an engaging, enticing and exciting level of professional play set forth be a wide array of talented domestic and foreign on field talent.

As the league grows so does its history and legacy. In the first decade and as the league evolves key teams have changed owners or ownership groups and as result been renamed and/or relocated and further two teams were all together terminated.

As a dedicated fan of my home town Chicago Fire, and loyal advocate of MLS as a whole, I found myself collecting bits and pieces of memorabilia to extend my connection to the Fire and other team's and player's in the league I admired or supported.

As many fans of the game know soccer has many traditions, and one that I always found unique is when players from opposing teams exchange jerseys as a sporting gesture or hand a game worn jersey to a fan as a thank you for their support when a match is complete. As such I started to focus on acquiring game worn jerseys to equal this post match ceremony of course like most collectors the hobby soon grew into an obsession.

After the birth of my children Sophia and Nico (a lot can happen in a decade), as it does with most parents, my sense of history become heightened and it dawned on me that by way of my jerseys I had in my possession some key pieces of the ever evolving history of Major League Soccer.

This realization made these special pieces of memorabilia even more important to me as they deepened the connection I had with the sport and the league I reverently follow. As I obtained a few more jerseys I started to puzzle over how quickly things can accumulate and despair how costly collecting can be unless you focus.

By combining the idea of the history of the league with my passion for the game I found I could focus my future acquisitions on a very specific subject and my aim now with this collection is to have a game worn or at the very least team issued home and away jersey from every MLS team for every year they have been in the league. Along the way I have also acquired game worn goalkeeper and special issue jerseys.

When opportunity presents itself I ask the player that wore the jersey to autograph it. One of the refreshing things about MLS is the players, coaches and GMS are for the most part very approachable and generous with their time for fans. In fact some players are aware of the collection and make a point of occasionally gifting me their jerseys as these know my efforts to archive this bit of league history and the enormous cost for me to do so. As a fan I can honestly say there is no higher honor.

As my collection grew other fans have asked to view my personal collection of game worn jerseys and when I could I would invite them to my offices and/or home where the jerseys are kept, but for the obvious reasons of location and privacy this is not always possible, so I felt the next best thing I could do was launch a site where any fan of MLS can check in and view the collection as they wish 24/7.

As embarked on the design and programming of the site, I felt beyond featuring the jerseys found in the collection it was important the site chronicle key Major League Soccer team and league publications such as media guides, yearbooks, MLS Cup and MLS All-Star game programs, which are important research pieces to properly date and authenticate actual game worn and team issued jerseys as well as act as an ongoing source of news and community content in the appreciation of MLS and the game of soccer/football at large.

As such, I hope you find this site works to properly archive the history of the present and past Major League Soccer team uniforms (also known as jerseys, shirts, strips and kits) and Major League Soccer team and league publications for your entertainment, informational, historical, and awareness purposes.

Enjoy and Best Regards
Tony Passero